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Answers to amdeloag 's questions

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[FANFIC] Secret Santa Gift!

Title: I don't have a title yet, sorry Mya.
Character(s): England, America
Pairing: England x fem!America
Rating: T ... for now?
Warnings: Genderbender and probably some OOC on England's part and AU
Summary: Arthur Kirkland is a romance novelist that has lost his muse. After seeing a picture of a girl on a magazine cover, and declaring that she will be his new muse. Will he be able to find her? And more importantly, will something good come out of this?

Note: Mya, this is all I have so far, except for a couple of sentences, but I thought it would be awkward if I didn't cut it off here for now.


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Like woah.

I ... totally haven`t posted ANYTHING here in a while. D: I can never keep up with posting journals. orz. ;;;;;
Um, so hopefully this time next year I`ll be in SPAIN. LIKE OMG.

My school has an anual trip to Spain every summer if you`re past spanish 3. It`s about $4,000 to go, its for an entire month and there is a summer school thing that we have to go to while we`re there.

BUT ITS SPANISH SUMMER SCHOOL. So it makes it much, much better. For srs.
Ah, but I don`t know if I`ll have enough money in time! D: My family sorta-kinda has financial problems, so I was hoping for a loan or scholarship or financial aid or something for the trip, but I don`t think there is one.

Plus it all depends on my Spanish grade next year. ;;;;; I`m not ... horrible at Spanish but, I don`t know if I`ll have a high enough grade to go.

.... I can tell you this though. If I don`t go, I`ll be like... so depressed. You won`t even know. 
I`m kind of happy though! I`m going to be making some money from my photography! C:
The woman that runs the school store at the school I go to wants to pay me to take some pictures of the school for her to make into postcards and to sell in the store ~ 

I`m not sure how much I`ll be paid, but its something!

Inherit the Wind and Other Things....

At my school, we have three plays in one year. One play per trimester. The fall play is called Inherit the Wind. It's loosely based on the Scopes Monkey Trial that happened in Tenessee in 1925.

It's a really interesting play in my opinion. It is NOTHING like the actual Scopes Monkey Trial, except for little things like lines that the characters say. Though, I think if it was more based on the actual trial, it would be more of a retelling of the trial rather than a play that tells its own story,

The only reason I'm mentioning this is because I'm in the play. I don't have a huge role. But I have a few lines. I think like 3 that isn't including the angry mob scene where basically the entire cast says the lines together.

Though, my favorite part of mine is that I get to puppet a marionette monkey for one of the scenes.
You're probably wondering "If this is a play about a trial, why is there a marionette monkey?!" Well, its a trial about Scopes/Cates. A seventh grade schoolteacher that decides to teach about Darwin's Origin of Species, which at the time was illegal in Tenesse.

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Introduction Entry~

So, hey. I`m Brianna. Call me Bri or Hina, I`ll respond to either!
A little about me, I`m fifteen, my birthday is December 19 and I am a girl, duh.
I love anime, photography, and acting. I`ve been in a few plays, which I`ve enjoyed greatly ~
My favorite animes are Axis Powers Hetalia, Vampire Knight, Ouran High School Host Club, Romeo x Juliet and a lot more.

Spamano is like, my OTP. Seriously, its the cutest thing ever. I roleplay Lovino like, a lot, so yeah.
My other favorite pairings are USUK, ShinseItalia, GerIta, LietBel, Prussia x Liechtenstein, RusBel, PruBel and PruCan. But, I`m pretty much a fan of world x world. C: I`m also a HUGE, HUGE fan of nation x human pairings, like France x Jeanne or Russia x Anastasia.

For Vampire Knight, I kind of hope it ends with some way Kaname and Zero share Yuuki. I like them both with Yuuki, and I don`t want either of them to be depressed or anything in the end. D: ... but that doesn`t mean I`m not a fan of Kaname x Zero ( or Zero x Kaname in cases ~ ;D ) either ~ lol.

So, yeah. Any questions, shoot them my way ~ C: